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Bodenbeläge, Treppen

Whether oiled, waxed or solid wood treated with clear lacquer, whether laminate, linoleum, cork or even vinyl: There is no doubt that there is a large variety of flooring available. Furthermore, the different materials used in modern flooring present themselves to the viewer in completely different designs, from gentle solid shades via striking textures up to deep matt or even high gloss finishes. One thing you can be sure of with flooring surfaces – they are heavily used and always exposed to stress. This means: A high demand on the quality of the repair products. No problem! 

The quality of our products has been confirmed and honoured by several independent experts, including the 'Verband der deutschen Parkettindustrie e.V.' (VDP: German Parquet Manufacturers Federation).

Sets and Assortments


The Universal Kit suitable for almost any repair to different floorings such as parquet, laminate, cork, linoleum. » more


A smaller version of the Universal Kit. Ideal for on-site use. » more


Ideal for the repair of floors and stairs. Suitable for both décor and wood surfaces. » more

To mix the right colour with the two-component filler and for the quick repair of major damage. » more

For the mechanical and manual sanding and polishing of fine scratches, holograms and dull spots on high gloss surfaces. » more