Application Tips

As a specialist for the repair of surfaces we want to give you some hints and advice on how you to repair surface damage. Ordered by surfaces and application areas, you will find support to the following topics. Just click through and get informed. With the application tips, you will find references to our products. Should you need further advice, our agents will be pleased to assist you.

Furniture surfaces

The repair examples "furniture surfaces" for repairs to real wood as well to decor surfaces. Solid wood often has been applied a clear finish - sometimes you will also find oiled, waxed, leached or stained surfaces. Solid wood excels in a lively character, dependent on the changing incidence of light, the wood structure will appear darker or lighter. Therefore, solid wood and veneer are usually treated/retouched with a tincture or a glaze. Furthermore, special waxes like Effect Wax and Hard Wax Matt have been developed for these kinds of surfaces. Often decor surfaces are also called artificial surfaces.

Flooring and Stairs

Whether solid wood for parquet or paper foil for laminate flooring, the diversity of floorings is almost unlimited. Some nearly plain-coloured, some structured, some super matt, some high gloss - virtually everything can be found. No matter whether parquet, laminate, cork, linoleoum or even solid wood stairs, all floor coverings have in common: they are highly stressed and always exposed to heavy use. Consequently, the repair products or rather the repairs have to withstand these requirements. Thus, only very hard fillers are used for this purpose. Please find common repair examples below.

Windows, doors, winter gardens

This section covers not only solid wood but also decor surfaces. There are various types: from foil-covered building elements up to windows with a high-build finish, in addition to white PVC profiles there are several variants - hence, repairing processes differ as well. In general, repairs are possible in production or during assembly as well as to restore damage caused by burglary and to eliminate signs of wear and tear. As repairs on windows and doors are often exposed to weathering, repair products and techniques are subject to special requirements.

Sanitary ceramics, tiles, natural stone

For sanitary ceramics as well as for granite and marble we recently have also developed special repair methods, ensuring very good results. Holes and chips on tiles, stone and ceramics can be removed quickly with our new-developed Ceramic Filler – and that without any drying or curing time. Ceramic Filler is very helpful especially in difficult cases like e.g. for tiles on underfloor heatings, in showers, with large paving tiles or, at on-site installation, when spare tiles are no more available.

Special surface types

Natural stone, polyester and powder lacquers are only some of the surface types, we have developed special repair methods for.